Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rambling Spirit

A pinch is what it takes for the numb heart to feel…

There is no mistaking; thy heart is fragile engulfed with inexplicable wretchedness. I walked through the cold floor, unmindful of the chill that was sent to my spine. I trembled while thinking what a sad thing it is…

Hot tears threatened to consume my feebleness. The wind howled singing with the saddest song from heart. The rain has fallen flooding with grief the broken spirit.

What a sad thing, indeed…

The moon hid in canopy sheltering itself with melancholy swaying from tree to tree. The death of will, the cry of heart, the numbness of spirit…

I shield myself from that blinding sorrows but the truth remains, I can’t escape.

The sea of lamentation succeeded…


  1. Hi,
    I got to you through blogcatalog. I like your blog but one thing I must tell - your background image is making it difficult to read the text.

    No one is perfect but I think all have the chance to act to make things perfect. Its the will and not quality that is required. If will is their the quality will also come...

    I say all this coz, I am also a perfectionist...

    do read my blog and profile:

  2. nice is a journey

  3. Tnx Mizlan and Harry...


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