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Sunday, March 30, 2008

What is Happiness?

One man said, “I have everything but I feel empty.” The other one said, “I have nothing yet I am happy.”

What is happiness?


I once asked my teacher but she seemed at astray on how to answer. I probed deeper by reading insatiably yet all I have gleaned was its scholarly definition.


I explored further with the same query from my college professors, “What is happiness?” They gave me long incredulous look then immediately proceeded to lengthy lectures about living in gratification, peace and love. Still, I was not convinced.

As I gaze at the stars tonight and while the sweet cold breeze played with my hair, I was reminded of those many times I asked that question. Strangely, as the stars teased me with their simmering sparkles my heart felt like it was about to burst with…happiness.

I then realized that happiness is a journey not a destination. It doesn’t matter how I ended up but how I go through it. The marvels of the stars reminded me of those steps I trekked and I ended up with wisp of smile on my face.

I think back of yesteryears and spectacle sensations filled my heart. All the time I was asking that question the answer was inside me.

It was happiness when I spent time with my family and friends. It was happiness when I saw the dawn of learning on the face of my pupils. It was happiness when I went up on stage to receive the fruit of hard labors. It was happiness when I did good things for my friends and strangers without expecting anything in return…

All along I was having the journey of happiness…

I once lay placid amidst the surge of the ocean of pain and suffering but it was a journey where faith and hope was my anchor- a journey of happiness. 

I think back of the time that I was drinking my favorite coffee and had a good smile. The moment that my niece kissed me and said, “I love you.” and my heart overflowed with incomprehensible feeling. The instant that I looked up at the skies and was greeted with vastness of its beauty, my eyes feasted with happiness.


Happiness is a state of mind…

I could have the world but I couldn't be happy. On the other hand, I might have nothing but I could be the happiest person alive. Happiness is also a matter of perspective.

 We long to be happy but we imprison ourselves to specifications. Thus we say, "I would be happy if only…"

Such could be the cruelest thing we could do to ourselves. It was the kind achieved by secular search and could be gone so fast like a sand castle. The sense of real happiness bubbles from within. The world's a big ship where we are all voyagers of time. Sometimes we feel overwrought and in despondency how to go on. Happiness could be elusive and we could only see the enormity of the sea of grief. The port of victory might be imperceptible but then we just need to wait for “the tide”.

As we dock and feel the tide of happiness, the completeness of our soul became its herald.


  1. for me Success is heing happy in this moment and every moment


  2. for me success is happiness in this moment

  3. Yes,every moment should be faced with happiness. Thanks for dropping by...:)

  4. "My soul was battered, my steps faltered, yet the will to survive has lived.

    This is Me...a dreamer, a frustrated writer..."

    And in this your happiness will be found.


  5. A lovely post, you have a poetic way with words.

    Best Wishes,
    Zathyn Priest

  6. To: Bobbyboy

    "Exceptional" a single word yet potent as a sword. I was touched beyond words...Thanks.:)

    To: Zathyn Priest

    Thanks a lot...:)

  7. Dear Nina, to me the opposite of happiness is not sadness or what is similar, yet the opposite of total happiness is happiness, and other detrimental emotions. There is no door to total happiness, because total happiness is the door. Let's open it, to be and become.

  8. To: Zubli

    Yes, the door is total happiness in's within our grasp just waiting to be opened.


  9. Dear Nina, let us extend our hands to those who are still wondering, wandering, in search of, in hot pursuit of total happiness. Then, we shall be raise to the peak of the level where all can be totally happy now and here, immediately and instantly. A feeling so true, genuine and real.

  10. for me Success is living free, without any tensions.

  11. Love your positive energy! The journey is definitely a great anchor for us to hang onto as we ride this crazy ride that is life :)

  12. For me it is knowing my family is safe, healthy and happy.

  13. I think my happiness is just knowing I'm here and so are my friends, family and dogs and we're together. Thats my happiness!

  14. For me happiness is not a destination, it's not something I need to get to - rather it's a state of mind and an ability to appreciate what you have and what you're doing in the moment. Great post!

  15. I think that happiness is defines by each individual in what they are searching for in life.

  16. I loved reading this! I think it's so important to appreciate what you have.

  17. Happiness is different for all of us. It comes in many forms at different times in our lives. We just need to recognise it when it happens and enjoy every moment of it.

  18. Happiness = when you are too busy living to wonder what happiness is ;)
    If we start thinking what we already have and be grateful for that.
    Then happiness become part of your life

  19. For me happiness is when I'm with my family.

  20. Happiness is definitely what you make it. You can treat every situation as a learning experience making happiness easier to achieve.

  21. Always appreciate what you get. I see what you want to say here. This one is such a nice and inspiring post.

  22. What a great way to get to the bottom of the question, “what is happiness”?

  23. Lovely post. Yes, happiness is a state of mind. Where there is contentment, there ia happiness 😊

  24. Everyone has their own definition of happiness. Lovely words!

  25. I agree. Happiness is a state of mind. It is a perspective. What makes me happy may not make others happy. So it all depends on that person (perspective). I think we should always be appreciative, and count our blessings. DOn't take things for granted.

  26. Happiness is definitely perspective, and its easy to forget what makes us happy.

  27. True post on happiness. Sometimes a grand success or event may not make you happy but small things like spending time with family and children or even volunteering could make you happy. Also it really depends on the nature of the person.

  28. This is a beautiful piece that describes happiness perfectly! I believe that happiness is a choice, it's Free. We all just need to choose to be happy!

  29. Happiness is just the best feeling to keep moving forward in life


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