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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


She said with face ablaze, “It is okay”. 
The heart writhed with twinge 
Each beat a clout of pain 
The heart drifted in silent throbbing.

With friends she laughed heartily 
In reality the beleaguered soul bears misery 
The mêlée of uncertainties so ruthless 
Each cell in the body whimpered in agony. 

To everybody she talked merrily 
In truth she cringed in wretchedness 
The hammer of loneliness pound relentlessly 
In darkness, she comforts her small body. 

To the world her face alight with joy and resilience 
A perfect fighter in the world of anguish 
Yet, her worn out spirit hid in camouflage 
The abysmal abyss of pain resides. 


  1. She is hiding the pain behind the smiles. There is a story that caused the pain. Talking to someone close to her might help to ease.

  2. Yes. Maybe you're right. Thanks for the visit...:)


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