Sunday, March 02, 2008

Amazing Beach in San Juan, Batangas

The rivulet of water gently touched my feet as I walked barefooted on the sand. I stared in breathtaking spectacle right before my eyes.


The deluge of colors red, yellow, black and white splattered the colossal panorama of skies as the sun peek from beneath the dark clouds. Earth is shroud by heaven and sea. I wanted to scuttle and laze around in the morning dew of the sea breeze.

After getting sick for several days, I got enticed with the invitation of my sister to join them in the beach. After all, she said that it was therapeutic and it might do me good to breath fresh sea air.

So, early this morning, the kids excitedly prepared for our swimming escapade. It was actually my first after going through two surgeries last year.

It was indeed a spectacular experience because I was totally mesmerized by the picturesque sceneries while traveling and much excitement awaits us when we arrived in the resort.


Since I feared that my fever might recur, I opted to become the official photographer of the group. Here, take a glance of the pictures I took… 

This is the shark which was caught by fishermen.
The closer shot of the shark.
The shark was about 7 feet long.

Trisha underneath the glistening sand.

Shayne and Trisha.

Playing with the sand oblivious of the camera.

Giant pusit for lunch.

On the way home, my sister remarked that it seemed we’re traveling exactly the same road back in our hometown. I immediately quipped that wherever we go, the roads will always be the same because when you look up- the same skies towered above you, when you look to your sides- the same trees greeted you, and when you look down- the same earth looked back at you.

She said that as usual, I am being poetic again? Well, maybe…

Having been immersed the whole day with amazing graces made me appreciate more the value of life…if being poetic would mean living life with my soul then I don’t mind at all.

After all, when you brushed closely to death the more you would be grateful for the gift of astounding blessings that more often than not, we tend to neglect…



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