Friday, February 08, 2008

Quo Vadis, Young Princess?

Her face was alight with resilience. She carries herself with ease and confidence. The trace of smile on her face illumines faith, happiness, courage and vulnerability…

Shayne, our baby… our young princess…

It was 15 years ago when an angel was given to us. An angel who became the family’s source of joy and hope…

She made us laugh in spite of hard life and lit up our home for many years. An adorable baby many years ago and now a beautiful princess set to launch men’s thousand ships to woo her elusive heart.

Inside that confident demeanor however, I still see the tiny being sent by above on that fateful night of December 5, 1992. The one who gave color to our life and flourish our home with sanguinity.

She was the baby who celebrated her first birthday while a super typhoon was wreaking havoc to the whole country. It was that big grin on her bubbly face while we were about to evacuate in the mayhem that threatened our lives which I would always remember.

We were frantic trying to flee the big flood amidst the painful drops of rain on our skin whilst Shayne, dressed in red jumpsuit and wrapped in cover-all’s was busy dipping her feet in the flood.

She was the toddler who had the trademark in the whole town seated on the shoulders of my brothers with that ever ready smile radiating optimism and happiness as if broadcasting to everybody she owned the whole world.

She was the one who would surprise my father by jumping and hugging him at his back…the girl who would pose incessantly in front of the camera to amuse us with her good shots.

Our chin chin, the one who sings, who dances, and who blabbers incoherently just to entertain us. She amused many times my classmates and teachers and became the constant visitor of our high school classroom whenever her nanny was not around.

It was that tiny body attached with IV’s on her feet lying helplessly in the hospital bed which would always remind me of the first time I felt so sad.

After several years of joy, sadness and laughter, the baby is a young princess now. Her world revolves not anymore with playstation, dream cast, game boy, Lego, coloring books, pastel colors, flash cards, fairy tale books and dolls.

Though her interest with stuff toys remains she’s more concerned now with latest cell phones, IPOD, computer and latest fashion. Gone were the days we cuddled our Shayne when she felt lonely…or let her sleep on our stomach when she’s grouchy.

Last night was an affirmation that she’s no longer our baby. Our Shayne just experienced the world of grown ups with her first prom. The night of partying with her friends without worrying of the next day…wearing the most beautiful gown suited only for a princess.

She walked with grace and beauty…unsure of what the future would bring her but confident she won’t walk through it alone.

Her future offers limitless pathways but that she won’t embark alone.

Quo Vadis, young princess?

Fear naught. 

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