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Sunday, February 17, 2008

How My Friend Let Go

Goodbye is synonymous to grief. Uttering this word means opening one’s heart to gut-wrenching pain and fountain of tears.

It’s a bit disheartening whenever I hear sad stories of love that did not end in happily ever after. More so when it happens to people close to your heart just like what a friend experienced today…

She has been in a relationship for so many times that I couldn’t remember anymore the names of her boyfriend. The old maxim, “Collect and collect and later on select”, must be her guiding philosophy in life.

Surprisingly, the moment she told me about her latest beau, I knew that she was truly madly deeply in love with him. She said that they were perfect for each other and everything that she wanted in a man was already with him.

However, temptations are tough to fight at times. She went on with her old ways and continued looking for somebody better than him.

Sometimes, in our desperate attempt to look for a perfect someone, we tend to neglect the fact that nobody’s really perfect only the love that binds two souls.

It was too late already when my friend realized this. She lost a grip with her beau’s heart the moment he found out that she wasn’t faithful with him.

What could be more painful than knowing you lost gold because you were too busy collecting stones?

Love is as pure as gold itself. It’s only untainted intention which can enlighten one’s heart about this.

I’m not an expert in love nor in a relationship but I only know one thing, falling in love is like opening your heart to pain and disappointments. But, it’s better to be hurt knowing you gave everything in a relationship than to end up realizing you were the reason why a perfect love was ruined.

Love is a wonderful feeling. It’s like a beautiful song that embraces two souls and touches the deepest core of entwined hearts.

My friend ended up this time the one who’s miserable. I feel sad that her almost perfect relationship to a wonderful man was destroyed with shallow reasons like this.

After all, love is supposed to have endings like those in fairy tale stories- happily ever after.

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  1. Sometimes, life has a way of teaching us through painful routes.

  2. well written, but sad.


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