Monday, February 25, 2008

Shayne Vs Trisha

On the left corner wearing white bugs bunny shirt and shorts, I.Q. 1000 (I just guessed coz she talks and reasons out like a 60 year-old woman and she’s the only six-year-old girl I know who can spell words with closed eyes, watches CNN news and very interested in politics), the next president of the Philippines, smart aleck number one…Trisha.

On the right corner wearing pink blouse and tight leggings, computer and IPOD addict, certified “friends” with her countless contact in Friendster, Toni Gonzaga fanatic, the next top model in town, smart aleck number two…Shayne.

Yesterday was such a long day for me. I mean really looooooong. Why? It was the Bugs’ Day.

The two kids bugged me the whole day and drove me on the verge of insanity with their bantering of words, sticking out of tongues and endless squabbles.

With their running nose because of bad cough and colds, the two brawled like cat and dog. Now, could it be because they were being attacked with cold bugs that made them uncontrollable yesterday?

I really have no idea but I knew that I was about to strangle them with my bare hands many times. I implored all the help of the countless saints I knew by begging for their mercy to grant me the endurance I needed to last the day.

Trisha pestered Shayne with her funny faces and her roaring laughter. Shayne on the other hand irritated Trisha by teasing her with her missing front tooth. Both good in annoying each other with anything (and I mean everything) that they could think of just for the sake of making each other ill-tempered.

Ending? Each one would come to me asking me to reprimand whoever.

The time to hear mass finally came (Thank God!). The two excitedly prepared and dressed while making fun with each other.

In the church, I was expecting them to be quiet just like they usually do whenever we hear mass. However, it wasn’t the end yet of my misery.

I was in between of them but they would glance at each other to make funny faces. Shayne would make fun of Trisha’s hair while Trisha would imitate the odd way Shayne sits. They would mumble incorrigible words still irking each other.

In addition, Trisha would look around the church looking for her ex- boyfriend. (She’s the only kid that I only know too who had a boyfriend at six and broken hearted after a week.)

As the mass came to an end, the bugs’ adrenaline finally wears off. Shayne's head was on my right shoulder while Trisha’s was on my left.

Finally, my angels were back…(sighs)

How did I survive? Simple…thousands of inhales and exhales. The result? Long tolerance. After all, patience is a virtue.

(Note: Shayne and Trisha are both my nieces entrusted under my care by their parents)

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  1. Their cute. :)

    Nice post. Just keep it coming.

  2. Encourage Trisha...I can't get my 8 yo to watch CNN for a second!


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