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Thursday, December 27, 2007


'Tis strange thoughts that mind was haunt,
Brazen stance awash thy fortitude
Naught besmeared with unsightly hope
In deep slumbereth pierced thy mystifying reverie.

Love is strange yet potent as a sword
It could perforate one's heart when oblivious
It navigates to feed thy soul
It fills one's heart with anticipation.

Love is indeed an ever-fixed mark
The origin unknown yet it beckons
To abandon
Trenchant wound at the end has no room.

It could lead to a zilch or magnificent ending
It could mar one's soul beyond mending
Yet, how one would know
If the heart's door would not open?

'Tis love that one feels alive
The ember of magical sensation stirs
The sagacity of elation burns
Thread of passion connects two souls.


  1. May we republish this poem and a credit to you, at our A Total Love Blog. Thanks.

  2. Yes, Zubli. Thanks a lot...:)

  3. Done with love...

  4. nice piece of poetry, ang lalim d ko ma-dig,,lol

  5. Sweet, I especially like the line,"Love is strange yet potent as a sword". Nicely done.


  6. sweet and so true.

  7. Love the Old English!! Awsome!!

  8. To: Bill, Tracy and Nick

    Thanks a lot.:)

  9. ...breathtaking and beautiful.*

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  10. It was so refreshing to read,loved the style!

  11. AnonymousMay 06, 2008

    Truly, teaching is touching lives. I for one, will not endure teaching for monetary rewards alone.Making a difference to to the lives of others is what matters most.


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