Tuesday, January 01, 2019

The Best of 2018

Just like that, 365 days of 2018 is over. The journey was both internal and external, finding the validation that life is indeed embarking in the unknown. Despite of my infallibility, I survived the challenges and the stark contrast of what I got so used to for many years- finding myself invariably failing over and over again. There were many moments that I questioned my worth and my confidence. Yet, my traverse in not defined solely by these deterrents. The trails of disappointments were long but the positivity is longer. Hence, let me reminisce the best memories to cap the year 2018. 

1. Celebrated the Valentine’s Day at Grand Rapids 

This trip allowed me to learn more about United States by visiting Gerald Ford Museum. The night stroll with my
husband made it more memorable.

2. 3rd Anniversary Celebration at Chicago

We explored so many places together but we love the Adler Planetarium and the
Millennium Park. 

3. Travel to New York
The sight of the Liberty State Park was so surreal. I could not believe that I finally saw it in person.

4. Met a Very Special Friend at Philadelphia

The highlight of my year. I have not seen her for almost seven years. Ours is an attestation that friendship will always
be a special bond of two people who cared deeply about each other.

5. Birthday Celebration at Niagara Falls (Canada) 

We were exhausted after several days of being on the road but the experience was amazing. Niagara Falls
is beautiful beyond explanation!

6.  River Tubing Adventure at Ludington State Park

What made this adventure special was not the tubing itself but swimming in the Big Lake with the waves higher than us.
It was scary but at the same time an exciting experience.

7. Travel to the Most Beautiful Place in United States (Sleeping Bear Dunes)
I found the inner peace on this place. The place was nothing that I have seen in person. It was majestic and filled me with tranquility.

8. Fall Camping at Ludington State Park
The colors were beautiful and the company was special. We love the friendship and relationship made deeper by this trip.

9. Celebrated New Year with My Husband 

New Year with my husband. He is the best gift that I could ever receive.
Cliché as it may seem, life is a journey. What happens along the way, the pains and disappointments, the gift of faith and hope, the crooked lines, the rocks and the mountains that blind you, they shape you and at the end and you will never be the same.

Cheers to the new year, fresh hope, more roads to traverse, and stronger FAITH. 


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