Friday, December 30, 2016

A Little Act of Kindness

The sight was something usually unforeseen in a first world country like US. A man, shoulders hunched up while pushing a cart full of assorted stuff was obviously fighting the vicious wind and bone chilling temperature outside. My husband told me he’s homeless and whatever’s in the cart was everything he has.

I looked at him with disbelief in my eyes. How does he survive out there during this winter? The car was in the busy road and there was no way we could stop immediately, but my husband suddenly asked if it would be fine to buy a meal for him. There were no words after that only a silent understanding because we were both emotional.

It took us a while before we were finally able to go back and the man was not in the spot where we last saw him but his cart was right in front of Arby’s. My husband went inside and it took him a while before he was back. The look on his face was enough to make us both teary-eyed. He got a simple meal and gave him a small amount of money. It may not be much but my husband told me how it made the man so emotional. Apparently, Arby’s took pity on him and allowed him to sit inside to warm himself. After he got the meal, my husband sat and talked with him for a while.

Sometimes it takes a little act of kindness in order to help someone. My husband and I went through a lot of ordeal getting our stuff together and had it not been for people who gave us a little act of kindness, we would’ve not been able to pull through. For some people, it may be nothing but what may be small is actually a colossal act of mercy making a big difference.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

On Leisure Walk and Asian Foods

After almost two months of being reunited with my husband, it still feels so surreal waking up beside him. Today’s one of those days that I remind myself how blessed I am to finally spend the rest of my life with the man I love so much. Doing ordinary daily activities with him becomes extraordinarily special since we have waited for it for so long.

When he asked me to go for a leisure walk today, I immediately agreed despite of the chilly temperature outside. That was before we feast on the sumptuous breakfast he prepared.

The moment we went out of the house for our leisure walk, vicious wind and chilly temperature greeted us. I forgot how leisure walk turns long brisk walk to my husband! We ended up walking more than two miles with the snow blowing on our face! By the time we walked back going home, my legs were sore and I was freezing! It was still a good walk though. 

I love this traditional inn! 

That's our house with the blue sidings at the back. Looks like calm temperature in the picture but don't be deceived! 

My husband challenged me to walk on top of this pile of snow but it looks easier than doing it believe me. The snow was hard and it's so slippery!

Our day ended with a dinner at Red Wok’s buffet. This is the nearest place to us where I usually indulged myself with Asian food. My favorite of course is pancit!

I love pancit so much. It reminds me of home. 

Meal at Red Wok's always ends up with this fortune cookie! This is so true! Our routine day ended up as an enchanting escapade! Live life simply and with a thankful heart. ALWAYS. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

On My First Month in Michigan

The old adage that says change is the only thing constant in this world still holds true up to this day. Who would have thought that fate would catapult me in the life that I have now? Well, I think I am just living up with the theory about change being the only thing constant in this world.

My journey from Philippines to Indonesia and Indonesia to U.S. is probably the pinnacle of everything I hoped for and dreamed of. Though there was this fear knowing that I was leaving everything behind, to be with my husband after such a long wait and knowing that we wouldn’t need to be separated again vanished all those worries.

With this blog, I want to share our beautiful story of togetherness. One that was written not with fear but with faith. From sun to snow is just one of the changes that I needed to face. However, any changes that I need to face will be without fear so long as I am with my husband.

Sharing with you some of our special moments...

Dec. 10, 2016
Yesterday was a bitter-sweet travel for us. Since I came here, I was having bad allergic reaction with the cats. I know that my husband loves them dearly but he decided to look for a home for them anyway. Thankfully, he found a nice couple from Kalamazoo willing to give them a home. The travel was about two hours and in some areas, it was snowing pretty bad.

Stop over at Kalamazoo

My husband trying not to be sad after giving up Jack and Trudy. 

It was my first time to see this much snow at Kalamazoo. 

Trying to make snowball. 

While at Grandrapids, we had stop-over at a beautiful bridge where people were fishing despite of the strong current and it was in front of that bridge this picture was taken.

"I have no fear of making changes because the painting has a life of its own."

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Words Created Me (When God Made Teachers Book Series)

When God made teachers, He intricately designed them with FORTITUDE- the kind that will open gateways of opportunity so they will find their place in the field.

“Ms. Buena is a potential teacher in the field. She is talented and has great enthusiasm to learn.”

These words pierced my heart in the most beautiful way conceivable. I was young, full of dreams, and hopeful that I would find a place in the field of teaching. But, to be fully certified as a teacher, I needed to face the harsh reality of disappointments, committing mistakes, and at times inimical people who were not willing to share the limelight.

I lost count of the times I got sick because of that appalling gut- wrenching feeling in my stomach whenever I think of facing intelligent students under the scrutiny of my cooperating teachers. It was not a very pleasant feeling to recall because I had all the apprehensions of an inexperienced teacher.

Apparently, that was not what my cooperating teachers saw. The words written on the comment box for my evaluation form brought tears to my eyes. I remembered the sleepless nights, the countless sickness, the pain of humiliation whenever I would commit a mistake, and the horrible feeling of realizing I might not make it.

The positive comments did not conclude my stint as a practice teacher. The high evaluation also encouraged me and put a strong resolve in me that I have what it takes to be a teacher.
Yes, I did make it. The words created me a teacher with fortitude.

To survive the sea of challenges may not be that easy. The roads would always be long and arduous. But, God planted the seed of fortitude in every teacher’s heart so when they are called, they will have the resilience to face the multitude of barriers and heed God’s plan.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.”
-Romans 8:28-

(When God Made Teachers is a series of articles taken from my book. It encapsulates my experiences as a teacher and my journey of learning while teaching.)

Friday, December 09, 2016

Note of Thanks (When God Made Teachers Series)

When God made teachers, He intricately designed them with the virtue of INTEGRITY- the kind that will leave a mark of infinitude.

Note of Thanks
March 24, 2013

Teacher NiƱa, I promised myself that I would send you a note…note of thanks but not of goodbye!

Thank you for sharing your talents and goodness of heart. Thank you for the honors you have brought to the school. My many dreams were realized with your expertise. Thank you for all the extras-
late sleep
tired mind and hands
countless lay-outs, etc.

All sacrifices for the love of work, passionately done!

God bless you wherever you’ll be. If you need a home, a family, come home to us. With love, we’ll always welcome you.

God bless you. If you’re happy, I’m likewise.

Teacher C

The old adage says, behind every man’s success is a woman. I say, behind every teacher’s success is a person of wisdom and integrity who trusted you without questions. Thus, I am grateful for the opportunity of meeting somebody who believed that there is nothing that I can’t do. That belief sprouted into something great and inspired me to live and leave with integrity.

“The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.”
-Proverbs 20:7-

(When God Made Teachers is a series of articles adapted from my book. It encapsulates my experiences as a teacher and my journey of learning while teaching.)


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