Thursday, July 31, 2014

Surviving the Waves of Difficulty

The moment I jumped out of the boat, I knew I was in trouble. The waves were so high and so ferocious that I immediately found myself kicking my legs and flailing my arms helplessly. I tried to cling on to the boat knowing it’s my comfort zone and so long I didn’t let go of it, I’ll be fine.

Until with bruises on my arms and legs bumping on the boat, I decided to let the waves carry me so I could at least enjoy the beauty that the sea could offer. With the safety of the life jacket, I allowed the waves to lug me amidst the beauty that surround me.

Life is like that.

As we traverse life, we would encounter waves of tribulations that would toss and turn us around mercilessly until such time that we would find ourselves bereft of the will to fight. The boat represents the people whom we would try to cling on to in order to survive the ordeal. But, at the end, we really have nothing but the prayer, which is the life jacket that would help us.

As we allow the life jacket just to carry us through, then we would see the beauty hidden by the waves- the purpose and the lessons of the problems. We know that whatever happens, the life jacket would not allow us to succumb and get drowned with our sorrows.

Along the afflictions, the meaning is not lost. There would be bruises and scars, wounds that may never find mending, and pains beyond healing. However, the lessons will be carved forever in the heart.

The Promise

The sunset promises a rest for the day
To heal the wounds wrought by yesterday
An assurance to take the worries away
To ease the pain and hope again.

The sunrise promises a new beginning
Each ray a light to find the way
The gift of zeal to face the day
The faith and strength to trust again.

Monday, July 28, 2014

In Hiatus

So, I thought that the greatest tragedy of life is receiving the result of your cancer test on the day of your birthday and it says positive. I went through the roller coaster ride of being told repeatedly I might not go out of the operating room alive. Until finally, waking up suffused in the dawn of understanding that everything happens for a reason and it was not after all, a cancer. However, having gone through so much physical and emotional pain, I never imagined that there is a greater malady that awaits me. Perhaps, more painful and definitely no medicine available.

Now, as I go through another crossroad of my life, I learned that it is never too late to correct the mistakes of the past or learned from the tears and laughter of yesteryears. Letting go is knowing that it is allowing something to come also.

My heart is in hiatus. God is trying His best to give me complete healing but until then, I go through the motion of living devoid of loving.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Happy Heart

I took this photo when we had an outreach program in Jakarta, Indonesia.

A happy heart is a grateful heart... 
It appreciates trivial and vast things 
It is beholden to every minuscule blessing 
It is pleased to every person given along the way 
It is satisfied to the very life bestowed each day. 

A happy heart is a forgiving heart… 
It does not keep ill feelings 
It does not harbor negativities toward others 
It vindicates the most painful wound inflicted. 

A happy heart is a humble heart… 
It does not boast of victories 
It yields to the power of change 
It admits vulnerabilities to human frailties. 

A happy heart is a contented heart… 
It is not jealous of others feats 
It is not envious of what others have 
It is not resentful when others are praised. 

A happy heart is an open heart… 
It accepts life as it is 
It creates room for improvement 
It acquiesces to life’s everyday surprises. 

A happy heart is a prayerful heart… 
It puts God as the center of everything 
It trusts God that there are reasons for every situation 
It has a strong conviction that God’s words are the ultimate truth. 

A happy heart is a pure heart… 
It wakes up with a purpose 
It sleeps with faith 
It lives in bliss contented with the knowledge that God knows best.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Immersed in Love

Our regular outreach program helps me to appreciate the simple happiness in life. To live with more than what you need is enough reason to live each day with a grateful heart.

I gazed in reticence at the group of students aged 12- 16 praying for little kids. The scene was almost surreal but then it was really happening. Most of them were either kneeling to level with little kids or hugging them with closed eyes praying sincerely. I was so moved that I found myself in tears while continuously clicking the camera.

To spend the Saturday with less fortunate people instead of going to the movies or playing their favorite video games may not be so appealing to most kids. But then, our students subserviently left the comfort of their homes for ministry.

It would have been just another day of going to a place where less fortunate people reside, but apparently, God has better plans when the students gave more than cookie goodies but wholeheartedly offered themselves for service.

I witnessed the ultimate act of kindness when our students started hugging the kids that they just met. They showered the children with joy by playing with them though they did not even know each other. I saw how they prayed sincerely for them oblivious of what they were wearing or how they looked. I saw how their simple gifts made their faces shine with happiness. Most importantly, I witnessed how each one was engaged in poignant moment of love.

What seemed to be more surreal probably was hearing the students say that we should do it more often and that they had too much fun.

Being immersed in this kind of situation always reminds me how most people could have so little but seem to be happier. The exultant faces of the kids there was a great reminder that contentment would always be found in the heart. Yes, we were so exhausted but we were blessed beyond words. As what the other kid said, ‘One day, I will be back and play with them again. Maybe once I have work I can help them also’. That statement of a fourth grader probably summed up our purpose of going there.


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