Friday, March 20, 2009

Important Realizations that My Quest for Love has Taught Me

We often launch ourselves into the world of meaningless search for love seemingly unaware of the tremendous weight of pain we are opening ourselves into.

The quest for the deeper meaning of love has been the focal point of what we do. We create standards of how a love should be and gets hurt when it does not work the way we want it to be.

We look for the best man or woman with the decisive factors we thought are best for us and would give us that sense of pride we finally found THE ONE.

We define a dream love with our perception that it is like a fairy tale we thought it to be and of course with our knight in shining armour coming to the rescue and freeing us from our malady.

Conversely, I never had any inclination of what was love before. Then love whispered and I have realized…

Love is strange. It caresses your heart with that inexplicable feeling of bliss but also causes pain beyond words could express.

Love is a sweet blend of waving dreams, calming fears, and sharing secrets.

Love is not about having the best man or woman but of acceptance for who they are.

Love is the best lesson in life because it teaches your heart.

Love is boundless. It does not know the beginning nor the ending.

Love is enduring.

Love is an invisible connection of hearts and meeting of minds.

LOVE is indefinable. It is a touch of magic into the world of realities.

LOVE is a dance with silent music and invisible steps.

LOVE is a bond only the two of you understand.

LOVE is a sweet entrapment.

Most of all, I have realized that a dream relationship is a selfless act of love between two people. It does not matter whether you are together or not but what’s important is the realization that love is powerful enough to cross bridges of distance and to fade away the pain of longing.

The paradox of love; only the hearts could feel and only the hearts could hear when it whispers.

Pages of My Life- The Journey to the World of the Doctor of Jurisprudence

Time is an emblem that signifies the ending and the beginning of each leaf of life. As I turn each page, I never failed to get enthralled with the beauty that life encompasses. I always believe that the splendour of life is hidden in the treasury trove of heart where the trials, trepidations, feats, happiness and successes we have experienced are all kept.

When I was young, my joys were simple. Paper dolls and candies made me think that I was living in the world of fantasy. Then I started weaving dreams. Some of them, I have successfully reached but, majority of them, I have not fulfilled yet.

Two years ago, I thought that my purpose in life was done. My mission was accomplished, and my fate was to finally bid goodbye. I would not say that I was ready. I was devastated and found myself utterly lost with the cruelty bestowed upon me.

The road toward healing was long and arduous. My life had a great avalanche and my world totally crumbled. I blamed nothing but myself for failing to realize the dreams I have written in the stars. They were waiting to be unleashed but I was so hesitant to even dare in trying.

Life however, was full of surprises with its paradoxical complexities. It was a painful yet a beautiful realization for me that the beginning of life was not always where I thought it to be. Life was more than that.

I finally found the courage to stand and face reality with nothing but confidence in my heart. I made it. That leaf of my life was gone and I was ready to start anew.

I lost once but I gained a lot- love, strength and the faith to try again.

When I was at the middle of taking the Qualifying Test for College of Law in the University of Batangas last Saturday, I had so many realizations. But more than anything, I have felt that finally. I was ready to turn another page of my life.

During the interview, swirling emotions overwhelmed me. Thanks to the people who supported and believed in me. I was no longer the teacher who was terrified to try something new. As I stepped on the threshold of the University of Batangas to take up Doctor of Jurisprudence, I knew that chasing my star is within my grasp.

Yes, it would not be easy. However, if I learned to stand once full of scars of the past but with chin lifted then I could do it all over again.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

When You Wish Upon the Star

It’s been nine months ago…

Nine months when my battered heart made a wish...
I would’ve thought it impossible…to laugh, to dream, and to love.

I would’ve thought it improbable to share my pains, to color my dreams, and to believe in wishes... but everything changed…because of YOU.

Yes, I was broken, my heart was beaten…

Nine months ago love has changed me… my wish was turned into a reality.

“When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you If your heart is in your dreams No request is to extreme When you wish upon a star As dreamers do.”
Dreams do come true…

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank You...

Thank you… 
for the smiles 
for the tears 
for the gentleness. 
Thank you… 
for the time 
for the dreams 
for the thoughtfulness. 
Thank you… 
For the care 
For the faith 
For the loyalty. 
You gave me HOPE 
You gave me PEACE 
You gave me LOVE 
You gave me LIFE… 
Thank you. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sweet Ambiguity

The moon casted its glow as I trek a solitary journey. The path was murky and rock-strewn but my steps never faltered.

Stars shimmered in the distant horizon silencing the thunder of fears hammering my heart. 

I stumbled upon an unseen rock but even with wounded knees, I got up with lifted chin and continued walking with unwavering faith.

The light of hope seemed so far…almost inconceivable to believe it’s reachable, but my steps continued…

There in every pace, the glimmer became brighter.

I gasped for breath, gathering more strength to continue my journey.

The shower of light almost blinded me. The tiny flicker of hope was gone…bright arrays of sunlight signaling a dawn of a new day lit my way…no longer tiny but dazzling at its intensity.

I looked back at where I came from. Rocky roads blocked my steps but my faith never wavered.

With wounded knees, I trekked a different path this time. Still unsure what tomorrow would bring but surer than ever with my pace… 


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