Monday, July 30, 2018

Shocking Discovery at the Wilderness Trail

Our every day walk allows us not only the opportunity to maintain a healthy life style but also to bask on the beauty of our small town. There is no pollution, the roads are clean, and there are trails where we can walk without worrying on getting hit by cars.

That’s the luxury that I enjoy the most living here in the United States. Thus, I was deeply saddened last week when we visited this place (July 27) and found a shocking discovery. We’ve been to this area several times and we never saw it in this condition. Soda cans, plastics, and other forms of garbage were thrown in the small body of water. It was a flagrant disregard to the no littering signs all over which left us the question, why?  
We saw several soda cans floating on the water. :(
At closer look, that thing at the right corner looks like a tupperware.
Bottles were everywhere.

I simply could not believe that it was the same place where we used to watch fish and turtles. The water was so filthy we could not see anything except garbage.  

Watch the whole video here:


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